Thunder Bridge Acquisition,LLC公告:进一步警惕北京群雄汇彩票游戏app有限公司相关的不实新闻

2019-09-19 12:02

Thunder Bridge Acquisition Ltd.(“TBRG”)的发起人Thunder Bridge Acquisition,LLC(“TBA”)及Gary A. Simanson先生曾于2019年1月24日发布公告,警惕公众防范任何表明TBA、TBRG和Simanson先生与北京群雄汇彩票游戏app有限公司(“群雄汇”)或梁颂贤先生之间存在任何关系的虚假新闻。


鉴于上述情况,TBA和Simanson先生特此重申,上述声称群雄汇及其相关人员曾参与TBRG上市、运营、合并或任何其他交易的陈述和描述均不属实。 TBRG的上市、运营或任何其他交易与群雄汇、梁颂贤或群雄汇其他人员无任何关系。 TBA、TBRG、Simanson先生与群雄汇或其人员之间不存在合作、顾问、授权或其他商业关系。群雄汇或其人员无权代表TBA、TBRG、Simanson先生或任何与Simanson先生存在关联关系的实体开展业务或做出陈述。提醒投资者和公众谨慎进行投资决策。

Public Notice of Thunder Bridge Acquisition, LLC: Further Reiterates Warning About False News Associated with Beijing Herounited Co., Limited

Thunder Bridge Acquisition, LLC (“TBA”), as the sponsor for Thunder Bridge Acquisition Ltd. (“TBRG”), together with Gary A. Simanson, have previously issued a public notice on 24 January 2019 warning the public about false news releases indicating any relationship between TBA, TBRG and Mr. Simanson with Beijing Herounited Co., Limited (“Herounited”) or Mr. Geoffrey Leung.

TBA, and Mr. Simanson have recently become aware of additional false messages on Herounited’s website, Herounited’s official WeChat account and other media that wrongfully allege or indicate a relationship between Herounited and TBA, TBRG or Mr. Simanson. Such messages wrongfully state that, among other things, Herounited and relevant personnel assisted, or engaged in TBRG’s IPO or merger, served as TBRG’s sponsor, or purchased original stocks of TBRG. Also, TBRG’s listing was wrongfully described as one of Herounited’s “selected cases”.

In view of the above, TBA and Mr. Simanson hereby reiterate that the above statements and description regarding Herounited and its relevant personnel’s purported involvement in TBRG’s listing, operation, merger or any other transactions are not true. The listing, operation or any other transactions of TBRG have no connection with, or relation to Herounited or Mr. Geoffrey Leung or other personnel of Herounited. No cooperation, consulting, authorization or other business relationship has ever existed between TBA, TBRG and Mr. Simanson and Herounited or its personnel. Herounited or its personnel has no authorization or right to conduct business or make representations on behalf of TBA, TBRG, Mr. Simanson, nor any entity affiliated with Mr. Simanson. Investors and the public are reminded to make careful investment decisions.